Fresh: Demonstar the Hidden iOS Emoji Game

With all the excitement of new phones and watches, you may have missed the real big news: there’s a hidden emoji-based game in iOS! Unlocking the game is complicated as it requires you to negotiate a drug deal with a demonstar at a precise time and charge level. Follow these steps to unlock the game:

  1. Set your phone to 24-hour time
  2. Wait until your phone is both exactly 18% charged AND it’s 20:38
  3. Create a new message to your own mobile number
  4. Send yourself the Japanese ogre emoji
  5. If you timed it right, you’ll get a star emoji in response (instead of the one you sent yourself!)
  6. Next, you need to send 3 pill emoji
  7. You should get back 3 money bags
  8. Finally, you have to send the rocket emoji
  9. You’ll get back a thumbs ups, and the game begins!

message screenshot

Gameplay is simple: tap to shoot pills at the demonstar, and swipe to orbit around the demonstar. You receive 1 money bag for each pill delivered. Strangely, the demonstar shoots bombs at you while you sell it drugs. Dodge these or lose a heart. Once your hearts are gone, the game is over.

screenshot of gameplay

There’s no high scores, leaderboards, or social media integrations. It’s just a fun little game about selling space drugs. Have fun!