Lunar Lunacy Review

Lunar Lunacy Title Screen

Lunar Lunacy is a game of chance and subtle strategy. The objective is simple: nuke the moon with the largest bomb possible without destroying it.

You and an opponent take turns shooting increasingly stronger nuclear weapons at the moon. The player that destroys the moon loses. The amount of damage the moon withstands is randomly determined at the start of each match. This isn’t shown to the players.

To demonstrate your superiority, you must choose a higher yield than previously played. A simple spinner control allows you to choose a yield anywhere between 1 kiloton and 999 gigatons. As any one bomb could be enough to destroy the moon, each turn forces you to decide between going big or playing it safe.

Lunar Lunacy is available on iOS and Android, using Google Play Game Services to provide cross-platform matchmaking. This means you’ll need to sign in with a Google+ account. Once you’ve signed in, you can then choose to play with a random stranger or a friend (with a Google+ account).


The opening move sets the pace of the match. Starting small with an equally cautious opponent means you’ll be in for a game of slow-and-steady nuclear ping pong. Gambling with a high-yield bomb at the start usually results in a quick match (if you don’t blow up the moon in one go!).


After your opponent makes a move, you’re shown a brief animation of the resulting explosion and the yield. This yield +1 is the new minimum you can play.

Lunar Lunacy’s accessible gameplay and strategic gambling make this a potential hit of the Teacher’s Day season. Get out there and nuke the moon!