Top Instagram Posts 2014

Here’s what you liked the most in 2014:

1. Taking the top spot with a staggering 28 likes is Pippin Pet. Everyone loves a virtual pet Macintosh!


2. Tied for second place with 24 likes each are two of our personal favorites: Folding Saga (our first post!) and Digger of Graves.

We did a full review of DoG here.

3. A big hit with the artificial entities and their human underlings, Aggressive Automation earns 22 likes.


Least Liked Post

Last place: No one should be surprised that only 7 people liked a game that was a clear insult to all of us with color deficient vision.


Thanks for the likes! We look forward to providing you with the best real games coverage in 2015!

Cave Dwelling Crayfish Paralegal

Title Screen

Go download Cave Dwelling Crayfish Paralegal! It’s less expensive than Phoenix Wright, and requires much more work to solve each case! Along the way, you’ll explore a complex cave system and meet fascinating cave dwelling animals.

Talking to Your New Boss

Don’t let Lydia down. She has a real mean streak.

Interview with a Blind Fish

Blind fish jokes!

This game is a breath of fresh air in the stale underground grotto that is legal system visual novels. 9.5 pinches.