Dr. B. Ball

SNES cartridge artwork

Dr. B. Ball is an action-adventure game that tells the tragic and true story of Dr. Brittany Ball. Born with a basketball for a head, everyone in Anytown, USA knew Brittany was destined to be a basketball player, everyone except Brittany that is.

Dr B Ball prepares to operate

Despite her obvious short comings, Brittany was determined to become a world-class surgeon. She played dangerous, no-rules street basketball to put herself through medical school and now needs to prove she’s the world’s greatest surgeon by competing in a series of operations. She has only one weakness: Brittany can only operate on a basketball court and has an irresistible urge to shoot three-pointers with medical waste.

Dr B Ball shoots for 3

Some say the lack of traditional basketball gameplay and excess gore made this game a flop, but maybe the world just wasn’t ready for a female surgeon with a basketball for a head. The storytelling helps to compensate for the tedious gameplay and mediocre graphics. We give this game 2.5 layups!