FPV Quidditch

World Cup Quidditch 2K15 Xbox One Box Art

Ever since World Cup Quidditch 2k15 released with nothing new but roster updates, we’ve be needing a quality Quidditch experience. Real-world Muggle Quidditch just wasn’t going to cut it. Players can only move in 2-dimensions, and we need to think in 3d. The only solution was to get 14 people with disposable incomes to invest in FPV Quidditch gear! And build a scale Quidditch pitch. And buy all the officially licensed accessories to make it feel that much more authentic.

FPV Quidditch Goggles

First Person View (FPV) Quidditch combines the thrill of multirotor racing with the extreme joy of team sports. Slap some robotic arms on a quadcopter and you’re halfway there. Of course, if you want an experience as close to the Wizarding World as possible, you’ll need to spend a few thousand galleons more. Here’s our Cleansweep.11 keeper with the officially-licensed Gryffindor uniform!

Cleansweep.11 Quad

If only we could afford the Nimbus 4000…

Nimbus 4000 Ad

Let’s Quidditch!