Retro Review: Folding Saga

Folding Saga NES Cartridge

We finally sat down to review the classic NES game Folding Saga. The game remembered by millions as the reason they got jobs in retail. An inspiration to a generation that would grow up to fold the clothes you buy and pick up the garbage you leave in the dressing room. This game is a business simulator that is occasionally interrupted by arcade mini-games. Oh, and the cartridge art is a clear rip-off of Burger Time.

Folding Saga Summary Report Screenshot

Folding Saga charges you with managing the operations of a retail clothing store. You’ll learn the importance of product placement, store layouts, and budgeting. Use detailed reports to monitor the store’s performance and react accordingly. Schedule the right number of employees to have good coverage, but not go over payroll budget.

Folding Saga Store Layout Menu Screeshot

Even if you can wrap your head around the complexity of store operations, you’ll have to complete mini-games to progress forward. These range from the tedious Meet-n-Greet to the exhausting and dreaded Changing Room Shift. Here, clothes are thrown from the dressing room and it’s your job to catch and fold them. All while dodging hazards such as dirty diaper, spilled drink, and vomit.

Folding Saga Changing Room Shift Minigame Screenshot

This title is truly a work of business art. Folding Saga holds up well due to its level of detail and accuracy in representing the challenges of managing retail stores. We give it 4.5 out of 5 on-call shifts!